Squarezone websites explained

System requirements

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc

Your choice of domain name

You will probably want a domain name like squarezone.co.uk. UK domain names are included in our prices. Domain names are subject to availability.

We'll help you set background and font colours in keeping with your company colours. We'll also show you how to include your company logo. 

On-line editing

Using bold and italics, with heading and sub-heading styles, together with alignment options (left and right align, centred and justified) you can enhance text and images.

Add pages to suit your company - news, forthcoming events, history, a gallery, results

No need to keep all your information on one page. Once you've established your "Home" page you can add pages such as "Events" and "Contact Us" and pages unique to your company - you choose the name for the menu. Each page is prepared in a draft format, once you are happy with the content you can publish the pages for all to see. With Squarezone all pages are easily updated at any time.

A Calendar-of-Events maintained using a simple form

A Calendar of Events is vital to any company. Using the simple form provided you can update your events calendar quickly and easily.  Events can be flagged as public or staff only and you can also choose to include notable public dates such as Christmas and Easter. 

Staff on-line event organiser

The on-line event organiser provides your company with a rota or attendance list that can be updated by staff on-line.  Large projects or duty rotas or attendance lists such as social occasions, often rely on passing around a spreadsheet with the overall plan, only the holder of the latest version is up-to-date; the event organiser can be seen by everyone at the same time. Members can sign-up or remove themselves, the changed plan is available immediately to all.

Add a video - link your video on YouTube to your website

Embed videos from YouTube in your website.  Whether you have recorded an event or want to show a technical demonstration you will increase the opportunity for people to find your website via YouTube and improve your reader's insight into your company.

Include your company logos and images

Upload images and logos from your own files, don't worry about the size of the image, Squarezone will automatically adjust it accordingly.

A selection of ready-to-use templates

There are several templates to choose from; you can try out a few before settling on one. The page background colour is automatically set to white but we can select a shade to reflect your company logo colour if you prefer.

Easy-to-use style sheets with font styles and sizes set up ready for you to start typing - it's as easy as sending an email

Fonts have been established so you just need to choose, paragraph text, side heading or full heading styles as appropriate, enhancing text with bold and/or italics for special emphasis. Text can be set to automatically centre itself on a page or justify right or left as required. 

You're not limited to putting text in preset boxes, Squarezone works like a word processor, you layout the page to your own design.  As you type, the page takes shape immediately so what you see is what you get. 

An email system with up to 100 email addresses based on your domain name, all protected by comprehensive spam filtering and virus checking

You can have up to 100 email addresses based on your domain name, so you can set up individuals, generic addresses such as info@ or groups like sales@ to receive emails.  You may find groups like info@ or social@ useful or there may be committees/groups specific to your company. They're easy to set up, so you can have as many or as few as you need.

A ready-made Contact Us form that will pass enquiries straight through to an email address nominated by you

Setting up forms is time-consuming so we've developed one for you.  Completed Contact Us forms are then sent direct to one or more email addresses nominated by you.

Multi-user editing using passwords

Keeping a website up-to-date can be quite a significant workload; sharing responsibility with other staff members saves time and speeds up the release of information.  The multi-user editing function allows individuals in various groups/committees to prepare and update pages; these can be set to be moderated by the administrator before publication on the website. The Tutorial gives full instructions on how to set up the various editing levels.