Mailing Lists

This system will help you to create and maintain a mailing-list so that you may keep subscribers up-to-date with company activities.

Authorised members may view the database as a table and allocate the subscriber to a group for targeted mailing. Existing mailing lists may be imported and this list may be exported to a CSV file.

See the Notes section below for a full description of the whole process

Example mailing list

ID Forename Surname Email Subscribed Edited Family Friends Prospects Lions Delete

Below the list of subscribers there will be a list of groups. If you are preparing a mailing you can tick the To checkbox for the relevant groups who are to receive the mailing.


ID Name No. To

Email all groups

You may import an existing mailing list but should ensure compliance with data protection laws


Choose a file to upload:


Subscription form The link to the subscription form is normally and can be included in any page. The heading and text on the form page can be changed via the Control File.

It is currently:

Join our mailing list

Yes, I'd like to be informed, please add me to your mailing list!

I understand that I may cancel my registration at any time and that there is no cost to me.

Privacy: We will not pass on your details to any other party

When someone completes the form, they will be sent a confirmation email with a validation link. This ensures that the email address is correct and that they really did wish to join our mailing list.

The email that is sent is:

Subject: Please confirm your registration

Hi forename 

We have received an application to join our mailing list.  

Before we can send you any email, please click here to confirm you wish to join our mailing list. You need to do this within 24 hours of receiving this email or go to the website and retry.  


Failure to validate causes the entry in the table above to have a coloured background and they will be excluded from any mailings. Insisting on validation is known as double-blind sign-up and is recommended for compliance with data protection laws.

When the validation link is clicked, the following page opens on the website:

Mailing list confirmation

Thank you for joining our mailing list. If you wish to cancel at any time please look for the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.

Highlighted rows A confirmation email has been sent but there has been no validation response.

Sort Click on the table headings to sort.

Edit name Click on a name to edit it. Email addresses can only be edited if not verified. A new confirmation email will be sent if you change an email address.

Delete Click the checkbox on the row(s) to be deleted and then the Delete button below the table to remove selected data. You can also click the Delete column checkbox to check/uncheck all. Please note only 1000 entries will be deleted at a time.

Email batch x Send an email (in batches of 50) to yourself and Bcc (Blind Copy) to all of those (who have confirmed) in the table to ensure everyone's privacy. You will be using your own default email account on your computer - not this server. An Unsubscribe link and an Email Compliance Footer will be inserted into the body of your email. Never send bulk email without these and never put the email addresses in the To field nor Cc field of your email.

The template email that is created for you is:

Subject Squarezone mailing


Unsubscribe: /unsubscribe

Export CSV A CSV file will be created and downloaded. You will be asked where to save it.

Import CSV The following headers must be the first line of your data: forename,surname,email,verified
Choose a file on your computer prior to selecting Import CSV.
Any errors in your data will be displayed but correct lines will still be imported.
N.B. Any email addresses imported will not be sent a confirmation email - it is up to you to ensure the recipient has given you permission to email them.

Example CSV